Bubble exploration


What age children do you work with?

Our lessons are meant to service children in kindergarten through the end of sixth Grade. They are designed to match an individual child's abilities and skill levels.

What if I have two or more children that want to participate in the same lesson?

Any additional child participating in a single lesson is a $30.00 extra charge.

Are lessons weekly, monthly, or on any set schedule?

Lessons can be scheduled as a one time experience, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly activities.

How do I set up a lesson for my child?

Fill out the Contact Form and you will receive a prompt reply.

Are these lessons eligible for the Arizona State Empowerment Scholarship Account?

Yes. Dawn Knappenberger is a certified teacher in the state of Arizona and meets all qualifications for the ESA account disbursement.

What areas are within your service boundaries?

I will travel within the Phoenix metropolitan area. If your home is more than 25 miles from my base in Mesa, I will assess an additional mileage fee to cover travel time and expenses.

What would a sample lesson look like?

The Science Snax books are examples of lessons I teach. They are written so that a parent or other adult has all of the information and resources to conduct a meaningful lesson for their children. Included are bonus enrichment activites. Visit here to learn more.