Any topic that catches the imagination of your child can be taught during lessons.  The examples below are just a few of the ideas others have found exciting and challenging.


Science Explorations

These lessons focus on discovery of scientific principles by conducting experiments.  Topics include physics, astronomy, optics, anatomy,  geology, chemistry, biology and many other branches of science.  Hands on activities are motivating and interesting, often leading to advanced searches for more knowledge on the subject.



Math Investigations

Children use active participation to explore math concepts at their developmental level.  Use of manipulatives, games, and unusual methods of solution finding are intriguing to students and build a strong mathematical foundation which enhances understanding of complex ideas in the future.


Critical Thinking

Using logical thinking increases a child's intelligence and enables him or her to figure out challenging problems in a variety of situations.  These activites are presented in puzzle form, but engage the brain in a way that increases critical thinking skills.

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